Our Core Values

As an organization we uphold core values that strengthen our commitment to be: Family Driven Youth Guided Cultural and Linguistic Competence Individualized and Community Based Evidence Based

Our Vision

Our Vision for a healthy Hamilton County is all families have awareness of and immediate access to a balance of appropriate services and natural supports in a collaborative and coordinated community.

Our Mission

The mission fo the Hamilton County Systems of Care is to live and work in communities where everyone is moving in the same direction to meet the unmet social and emotional needs of youth and families.

Involved Entities

We have strong involvement from a number of Hamilton County Entities, a sample of those entities are listed below.  Aspire HBM Hamilton Southeastern Schools Carmel Clay Schools Westfield Washington Schools Hamilton Heights Schools Sheridan Community Schools Noblesville Schools Hamilton County Department of Child Services Indiana Department of Mental Health And Addictions Children’s Bureau Prevail About …